Upgrade to Gutenberg

Gutenberg block editor is the future of WordPress. It brings a lot of benefits to all WordPress users. If you are starting a new website, start it with Gutenberg! Finally, WordPress users have a page builder built-in every WordPress instance. It’s not necessary anymore to buy and install any 3rd party’s page builders.

Starting a post with Gutenberg editor. New WordPress editor is not overcrowded with features you will never use. However, it’s extendible accordingly to your needs.

Although Gutenberg looks simpler compared to other page builder plugins, when you look deeply, you would release it’s exactly what you needed. It’s not overcrowded with features you will never use. Instead, it has all blocks that every website needs and leaves the possibility to extend it with more blocks. Therefore, it will not slow your website down like almost all page builder plugins.

It’s strongly recommended to all website owners who are starting a new website to make a selection between Gutenberg themes and start it with a theme that’s 100% compatible with Gutenberg. Also, you should avoid 3rd party’s page builders as they are unnecessary when you have one integrated in your WordPress.

What after WordPress 5.0?

Before Gutenberg block editor is incorporated in WordPress, many users were concerned. Will it work in my site? Will it break my site? Can I still use WordPress with the classic editor?

Luckily, it won’t break your site, unless your WordPress is heavily customized. Of course, you can install the Classic Editor and continue using WordPress as before version 5.0.

However, you should not miss the chance to upgrade to Gutenberg. After a proper upgrade, your website will be as easy to manage as with Medium or Wix, but with incomparably more power!

Should you upgrade?

Actually, the real question here is “Should I make my WordPress modern and secure its future or not?” The answer should be Yes!

Definitely, yes! Although it can be a complex and time-consuming process, the time to upgrade your site to the next level and secure its future is now!

If you decide to activate new WordPress editor, your existing posts and pages content will not be changed. Each post and each page will contain a block with the classic editor that contains your text, images, etc.

Converting this block into the regular Gutenberg blocks where each block contains only a single piece of information (a paragraph of text, image, list, button, etc.) can be less or more complex, depending on the content of your website.

How to upgrade?

If you are too busy to do the upgrade yourself or just want this important task to be done by the professionals, please don’t hesitate to send email to sales@gutenbergwpthemes.com. We will be happy to examine your website for free and give you recommendations on how to proceed. Also, our WordPress experts can perform the upgrade to Gutenberg in almost all cases.

There’s no automated mechanism that will upgrade all your content. Even if you find one, it could be risky to rely on that!

If you have a big website with thousands of pages, you can keep the content of old pages that you don’t plan to update as a classic block. On the other hand, if you have a smaller website (100 pages or less), it’s recommended to examine all the content and convert it to Gutenberg blocks.

In some occasions, if some pieces of your website content are specific, you may require the development of custom blocks. This process will allow you to insert and edit such pieces of information much faster in future after you upgrade to Gutenberg.